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  • Madea is Shakespeare | wmnjradio

    Madea is Shakespeare TBD Every Wednesday 8:00 PM - 8:51 PM ​

  • Performance Psychology | wmnjradio

    performance psychology Welcome to the Performance Psychology Podcast. We’re here to talk about performance. We discuss topics of leadership, individual and team experience, mental health, resilience, mindset and more. We want to start a conversation about the experiences performers have, get inside their brains, and share the unique stories of high performers here at Drew University.

  • Lost in Transmission | wmnjradio

    Lost in transmission LIVE every Tuesday TBD alternative music from 65-85 ​

  • PLAYLISTS | wmnjradio

    WMNJ WEEKLY PLAYLISTS Weekly playlists curated by WMNJ DJs

  • Go Birds Go Girls! | wmnjradio

    Go Birds Go Girls! LIVE TBD Monday 05:30 PM - 06:35 PM ​

  • HALLOWRAVE | wmnjradio

    HALLOWRAVE WMNJ's yearly Halloween event. See photos below

  • Electronic Experimentation | wmnjradio

    Electronic experimentation LIVE with Jonah Fine "Every week I play different genres and styles of electronic and experimental music. Music can range each week from singer-songwriter music, house, and IDM. I'll do live DJ sets every once and a while for more of a club feel to have fun!" ​

  • ABOUT | wmnjradio

    About WMNJ WMNJ is Drew University’s student-run radio station, established as an AM station and then later 88.9 FM. WMNJ made its move to the Internet in the Fall of 2009. The station features free-form, student-run music and talk shows based on individual interests and tastes. Tune in to hear the latest in just about everything. For business inquiries please email us at: wmnj@drew.edU FOLLOW US! Questions? We Listen. FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER Your details were sent successfully! Stay tuned for a response.. Send

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