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  • HOME | wmnjradio

    WMNJ the forest DREW UNIVERSITY'S STUDENT RUN RADIO STATION (we're back!) Babie Julez Pop Alma Kyler St. Phard groovy The New You The New You shredding on the guitar at Drewstock The Automatics The Automatics at Drewstock 1/1 HALLOWRAVE FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @WMNJ_RADIO

  • SHOWS | wmnjradio

    SHOWS hosted by Drew's coolest people, check them out below: Frightful Frequencies Cat Maida & Griffin Harris The Organization Alice Flynn & Ben Paley

  • Playlist Of Our Lives | wmnjradio

    Playlist of Our Lives Playlist of Our Lives analyzes music and the reasons why certain songs resonate with us. Each week, I invite a new guest to share one or two songs that they love to listen to and we dig into why they feel such a deep connection to their musical selections.

  • Frightful Frequencies | wmnjradio

    frightful frequencies "Frightful Frequencies is a WMNJ Radio program and podcast hosted by Cat Maida and Griffin Harris. In our show, we commentate on horror stories found on the internet. This is a satirical and laid-back show filled with goofs and laughs. The show is known for its improvised analysis on the stories both cohosts bring to the table." CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON GOOGLE PODCASTS

  • The Organization | wmnjradio

    The organization The Organization is a podcast discussing campus news and issues with the administration hosted by Ben Paley and Alice Flynn.

  • Performance Psychology | wmnjradio

    performance psychology Welcome to the Performance Psychology Podcast. We’re here to talk about performance. We discuss topics of leadership, individual and team experience, mental health, resilience, mindset and more. We want to start a conversation about the experiences performers have, get inside their brains, and share the unique stories of high performers here at Drew University.

  • ABOUT | wmnjradio

    About WMNJ WMNJ is Drew University’s student-run radio station, established as an AM station and then later 88.9 FM. WMNJ made its move to the Internet in the Fall of 2009. The station features free-form, student-run music and talk shows based on individual interests and tastes. Tune in to hear the latest in just about everything. For business inquiries please email us at: wmnj@drew.edU FOLLOW US! Questions? We Listen. FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER Your details were sent successfully! Stay tuned for a response.. Send

  • Forest Fire 2019 | wmnjradio

    FOREST FIRE 2019 previously known as "drewchella," forest fire is an annual music festival organized by wmnj. on April 27th, the sun peaked through the cloudy day and drew students gathered in the Tolley/brown circle to watch the live performances. The LINE-UP consisted of: COOK THUGLESS, lOTYS, MINOR KING, SECONDHAND SOUND, AND THE KELSEYS. Decidedly, dancing and the love of music were used to celebrate the end of spring semester. ​

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