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sounds of africa

Hosted by zayzay Gwepougee Kpadeh

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Sounds of Africa is an informative and educational talk provocative show designed for you and with you in mind. The program discusses wide range of national and international issues highlighting the day to day activities of our global village. It engages towering figures of all persuasions both in America and around the world on politics, religion, science, environmental degradation, activism and academia in general. It brings to the multifaceted studious of WMNJ Radio 88.9 ( the Forest), scholars, academics and entrepreneurs of impeccable character to discuss wide-range of topics. This program is designed to educate, entertain and inform the general public on a wide-range of issues. Join host Zayzay Gwepougee Kpadeh every Wednesday at 6 pm for an interesting and persuasive conversation. The program is also aired on Thursday at 10 am on the same dial. The pleasure is yours to join us each and every Wednesday for a fascinating and intriguing conversation that radio can provide.

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